About The Author

Dr. Gillson, one of the people in the group picture, probably has way too much education.  He (legally) obtained a PhD in Chemistry  in 1985, worked in R and D for an instrument company until 1988, then embarked on a career in  Medicine. He earned an MD from the University of Calgary in 1991, and spent six years as a Family Practitioner and two more years practicing Metabolic, Integrative and Functional Medicine.

In 2002, he founded Rocky Mountain Analytical (RMA), a laboratory offering specialized biochemical testing to Functional Medicine practitioners.  For some reason, Dr. Gillson has also been allowed on stage at many conferences throughout North America, to talk about lab testing and other things.


He also likes to write stuff which oddly enough, some people find amusing, and for this he unashamedly blames John O’Sullivan, Dave Barry, Mad Magazine, his cousins who introduced him to Mad Magazine at a tender age, and last but not least: all members (living and deceased) of the cast of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, but mostly John Cleese.

No bears have ever been harmed by him at any point during Dr. Gillson’s life.  Just saying.

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