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Ode To The Reg

Not that I’m getting maudlin or anything but I felt like I wanted to say a few words about Reggie aka “The Reg”, faithful Corgi canine companion of my good friend Bob. Reg passed away yesterday after struggling with some health challenges over the course of the past year. I didn’t know Reg for that long but he was a real character, low-slung and feisty. He would have made a great character actor. Reg and my dog Sarge got along OK despite the size disparity. If he had enough, Reg would grumble a bit. Not a growl. Just low-pitched muttering in the back of his throat.

Bob got Reg when he was a year old pup. Reg had to literally hit the ground running because he was joining a pack that already consisted of two Golden Retrievers. He learned to swim and fetch in short order and when he looked at himself in the mirror, Bob was pretty sure Reg saw a Retriever looking back at him. A small one, but one with a heart as big and as faithful as those of his larger adoptive brothers.

According to Bob, The Reg was, “As fast as a rabbit. Loved to chase birds and squirrels. Stood guard day and night. Loved to play the ‘out and in’ game in which he would charge you in the nards until you let him out, then wanted back in two seconds later. Friendly to all but took no crap from other dogs no matter their size. Always wanted to be with us even if it meant just waiting in the car. Always called shotgun.”

I know Reg accompanied Bob on many rambles through the bush and many long car trips. He was much loved and will be sorely missed. Hopefully he’s now happily reunited with the two other members of “Gold Squadron” who went before him.

Bob with the Gold Squadron


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