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Celebrity Pharmaceuticals

Celebrity endorsement/branding is nothing new. Pro athletes have their names plastered on all kinds of sports gear; supermodels are linked to cosmetics; there’s even a Lego set for every DC and Marvel Comics superhero that was ever created by global warming, global cooling, toxic exposure, insect bites, supernatural intervention, pickle ball addiction, etc.

Here at The Department of Lateral Thinking we, well really just Sarge and I, feel compelled to share some breaking celebrity endorsement news with you, as it were, the alert readers. This breaking news concerns a development in the world of natural anti-fungal compounds. This will be especially relevant to those of you watching “The Last of Us” television series.

The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic pandemic tale in which a remnant of humanity, apparently located in and around Calgary, Alberta, fights to survive ravening hordes of zombies created by the mushroom Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, otherwise known as the “zombie ant fungus,” infects ants and eventually causes them to lie down and wait for baby mushrooms to sprout from their heads. This might be the same fungus that causes teenagers to, zombie-like, leave their PE equipment at school until it becomes self-aware.

Anyway, in The Last of Us, Ophiocordyceps, driven by global warming and pronoun overuse, mutates and gains the ability to infect humans. Other factors contributing to the pandemic include rampant abuse of prescription toenail fungus medication (in turn driven by incessant TV ads for prescription toenail fungus medication) and also dirty socks.

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